Jan 29, 2014

~Du’aa~ (English)


Allah Commands Us to Make Du’aa:
We thank Allah Who created us to worship and obey Him, Who ordered us to make Du’aa (supplication) to Him and promised us He would accept our Du’aa.

He said, “And your Lord (Allah) said: “Invoke Me (ask Me for anything), I will respond to your (invocation). Verily, those who scorn my worship (do not invoke Me, and do not believe in My Oneness) they will surely enter Hell in humiliation!!” [Ghafir 40:60]

The Prophet SAWS said that Du’aa’ is a type of Ibaadah (worship): “Du’aa’ is Ibaadah (worship).”
He also explained to us the significance of Du’aa’ when he said, “There is nothing that is more honorable (or dearer) to Allah than Du’aa’.

Prophet Muhammad SAWS said when Muslim says this Du’aa’: “The angel will say to him, “You have earned guidance, protection and safety,’ and the devil will stay away from him.”
Also, when the devil hears this Du’aa’ from you, he will say to another devil, “What harm can you do a person who is guided, protected and given safety?”

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